I am a young person who has been slowed down a bit in life due to illnesses.  None of them will kill me and I don’t think about them that often, but living in the suburbs and not being able to drive because of a seizure disorder makes it very difficult to live a normal life.  I also have several other disorders that don’t exactly make it easy.  You can read about most of it in my blog.

During the sort of down time I have here, I’m actually trying to figure out what I’m trying to do with my life or what I even like to do.  It’s rough going. In fact it’s even rougher going than the illnesses themselves.  I’m trying to start something here, even just a blog, to explore things so that I can organize and think through my ideas of what I can be and  should do next.

You can tell what my interests are from my blog but there are so many people who are so talented and gifted and who have similar interests–that it feels like I’m butting in on a truly impressive group.  I’m looking for my own thing but don’t know how to find it.  I’m hoping my blog will help.  I’m hoping to see some neat things and maybe meet some cool people too.

Other than that, I like conceptual art, photography and good writing. I don’t know how much I like inspirational writing but I do sometimes get something out of it.  I also love philosophy more than anything else in the world. I sometimes forget to mention that. If you ever want to have a debate let me know.

I’m willing to try.

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